For several years, the rate of deportations has risen dramatically.


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Despite the deliberately political manipulation of deportation statistics by both parties, the overall story is simple.

Deportation totals have consistently increased each year of Obama’s tenure in office, with the exception of last year, 2013 – which, in all likelihood, was due to the openly hostile yet civil protests against such government actions.

But removal from the U.S. is not simply a numbers game. (more…)


Joseph Robert Lopez charged with multiple counts of immigration fraud.

Apparently, immigration fraud is not going away anytime soon.

Small time scammers continue to take up the attention of government officials. Meanwhile, the bigger fish seem to remain off the radar of law enforcement.

For instance, a 76-year old man posing as a lawyer, was recently charged by the San Bernardino District Attorney’s Office with multiple counts of immigration fraud.

According to local news accounts, Joseph Robert Lopez had been duping Spanish-speaking immigrants for several years throughout the Southern California region, including Riverside, Los Angles, Orange, and San Bernardino Counties.

The report did not provide any clues regarding he worked alone or in tandem with others. (more…)


Her immigration history seemed spotless.

No arrests. No convictions.

A native of Afghanistan, Jawan had lawfully entered the U.S. to study. She met and fell in love with Tony, a naturalized citizen from Egypt, in an economics course.

After their marriage, he filed to immigrate Jawan. She became a legal resident in the early 1980s.

They raised three children, all born in the U.S. All were graduates of top-ranked American universities.

Now, over 25 years later, she decided to apply for U. S. citizenship. Her naturalization process looked like smooth sailing. (more…)

The anchor baby debate continues.

Although we may be close to an immigration reform bill, after nearly a year of political deliberations, the anchor baby rhetoric still lives.

In the fall of 2011, when the American Heritage Dictionary decided to revise its definition of Anchor Babies to note the term is primarily used as a slur, it seemed the debate had neared the end.

Unfortunately, the issue never died. Its use merely subsided in public circles.

The issue recently arose again following Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan’s comments at a community forum about immigration reform.



Immigrants March For Immigration Reform (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The week before had ended innocently enough.

Both sides of the immigration debate looked ahead.

A long eight months of battle, following the November 2012 election, seemed to drawing to a close.

The House of Representatives would meet to decide how they planned to proceed on reform.

The fate of a broken immigration system hung in the balance. (more…)


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