Green Cards and Permanent Residence

Perhaps if immigrant advocates switch tracks, we may still be able to achieve immigration reform in this millennium.

Instead of pushing for a holistic approach to immigration reform, we might ask ourselves, in a sliding scale of political possibilities, “For whom could immigration reform be passed?”


Sure, this is the back way in.

But if we can pinpoint who is considered “politically safe” on the radars of Congress and the President, maybe we can kick-start immigration reform at that point. (more…)


Joseph Robert Lopez charged with multiple counts of immigration fraud.

Apparently, immigration fraud is not going away anytime soon.

Small time scammers continue to take up the attention of government officials. Meanwhile, the bigger fish seem to remain off the radar of law enforcement.

For instance, a 76-year old man posing as a lawyer, was recently charged by the San Bernardino District Attorney’s Office with multiple counts of immigration fraud.

According to local news accounts, Joseph Robert Lopez had been duping Spanish-speaking immigrants for several years throughout the Southern California region, including Riverside, Los Angles, Orange, and San Bernardino Counties.

The report did not provide any clues regarding he worked alone or in tandem with others. (more…)


Her immigration history seemed spotless.

No arrests. No convictions.

A native of Afghanistan, Jawan had lawfully entered the U.S. to study. She met and fell in love with Tony, a naturalized citizen from Egypt, in an economics course.

After their marriage, he filed to immigrate Jawan. She became a legal resident in the early 1980s.

They raised three children, all born in the U.S. All were graduates of top-ranked American universities.

Now, over 25 years later, she decided to apply for U. S. citizenship. Her naturalization process looked like smooth sailing. (more…)

Despite the excitement over the government’s announcement to finally issue its new rules for I-601 family unity waivers, caution is warranted.


As a green card attorney, I believe immigrant families should continue to operate from a protective posture.

Several immigrant families will benefit from the changes.

Yet, there are other unaddressed aspects of the I-601 waivers which applicants still need to surmount.

These issues were sidestepped in the government’s announcement.

Despite a 44 year history, the Cuban Adjustment Act (CAA) remains a mystery to many in Southern California.

Government lawyers are among those sometimes confused by CAA’s simplicity.

A Defense To Deportation And Removal

Three weeks after arriving in Mexico City, Norma finally reached Tijuana, Mexico.  The next day she went to the San Diego port of entry.  She noted her fear about returning to Cuba.  The officer granted parole, allowing her lawful entry into the U.S. and releasing her from custody. (more…)

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