He never went home.

He left his native county at the age of 20 to find work.  Born in an impoverished area of a poor country, he left home to earn money which he could send back to his mother and eight siblings.

He ventured through, and stayed briefly at, a few countries, eventually reaching the United States.

For the next 25 years, he crisscrossed California, Arizona, and Utah, moving from crop to crop before settling in San Diego where he worked as a dishwasher at one of the city’s  most prestigious restaurants.

He worked Monday through Sunday at minimum wage, and was given only two days off per year, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  He was not paid overtime and was not part of a union.


As a San Diego immigration attorney, I’ve seen how immigration fraud artists spring up whenever new pro-immigrant laws are passed.

They open up shop, offer special deals, earn quick thousands, then they vanish.

Meanwhile, the immigrants who have been victimized are left to face deportation and removal from the United States.

The New Haitian Ordeal

Two months ago, Haitians living in the U. S. endured the devastation of their home country and loss of loved ones.

Now they face a second ordeal.  Losing their rights to remain here while their country is being rebuilt due to immigration fraud. (more…)

Mahmoud and Minoo were my best friends during my days at the University of Southern California. They taught me about Persian culture, traditions, and history.  I explained American football and why Trojans and Bruins were bitter rivals.

This type of international camaraderie could be nearing an end. (more…)

As an immigration attorney in Riverside, it’s a question I hear almost every day.

“Do you think,” ask clients, “we’ll have immigration reform this year?”

It’s a tough question.

Immigration reform resembles a ping pong match.


According to the Los Angeles Times, the President met yesterday with two senators, Democrat Charles Schumer and Republican Lindsey Graham, whose support are crucial to immigration reform.  Presumably, the purpose was to ask them to hasten a blueprint.

Pong. (more…)

When it comes to immigration reform issues, you can always count on a few Congressional representatives for flawed insight.

Take California Congressman Brian Bilbray.

Earlier this week, in a Chicago Sun Times interview, he branded the newest efforts at immigration reform as accommodating “the next wave of illegal immigrants.”

He focused his attack on the DREAM Act. (more…)

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