The Washington Post recently noted that visa overstays get short shrift in border security debate.


I agree.

First, what is a visa overstay?

In short, this is a person who remains in a country after the period of the permitted visit has expired

According to the Washington Post:

  • 527,127 people who were supposed to leave the country in the 2015 fiscal year overstayed, and this figure includes only those who entered by plane or ship, not on land.
  • An estimated 40 percent of the 11.4 million people in the U.S. illegally overstayed visas.



I am strongly pro-immigrant. I want immigrants, especially from poorer countries, to have the same opportunities as those of us from richer nations.

But I’m torn on the issue of professional visas.

My discomfort arises from the dog-eat-dog attitude displayed by some immigration lawyers.

They decry the loss of skilled immigrants because these workers will return to their home countries and work for U.S. competitors. They’ve even invented a term for this situation.

Reverse brain drain.

Their position, at best, is disingenuous. (more…)